Weekly Tech Update - 9 August 2021

Get all the development updates of what was completed last week, and what is on the agenda for the week ahead.

December 20, 2021
August 9, 2021

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Pre Sale 🎉

Completed last week.

🚀Sprint 3 (week 1)

- Successful Pre Sale & frontend upgrades complete  

- Mobile responsive onboarding designs

- Twilio SMS upgrades

- Zendesk Support with automation & FAQ

- P2P UI betting flows with multi functionality

- Onfido verification implemented

- Backend Swap functionally with wallet/token integrations in dev

📓In progress for this week (Sprint 3 Week 2):

1. Public Sale preparations

2. Sportsbook updates to UI/UX flows

3. Wallet updates (default coins & backend fetching)

4. Fronted upgrades to ICO portal

5. Login verifications for responsive designs

6. BetRadar API integration call today

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