Weekly Tech Update - 5 July 2021

Get all the development updates of what was completed last week, and what is on the agenda for the week ahead.

December 20, 2021
July 5, 2021

👋Intro - Graham CTO & CPO @BetU

Most recently I’ve been building Crypto & Blockchain products for a large exchange in Singapore called Xanpool that has seen 10x per month. I’ve also founded a startup through Antler’s accelerator and was one of 10 startups to be funded. I’ve also worked on high growth products in product & engineering teams for Plotly & MicroStategy. I’m a sports & crypto enthusiast and active in the space as an Ambassador for Polkadaot and most recently Cardano.

📝 Product Vision & Goals for the platform:

• Deliver a world class Peer to Peer betting platform with a great UI/UX experience.

• Through UX research studies and testing, we have enough data and strongly believe we can deliver a lot of feature improvements from what is in market.

• Deliver first bets with BetU token by October 23rd for Man Utd v Liverpool.

📢 What to expect from BetU in terms of weekly product updates:

• Overview of what was achieved the week prior and to date.

• Quick summary of plans for the week ahead.

🚀 Sprint 1:

• Hired Sotatek - preeminent blockchain development firm in Asia. Leveraging their resources enable us to move faster than hiring internal dev team.

• Hired Senior Product Designer from Houzz (Ex: Paypal & Visa) - I’ve worked with her on many projects prior.

• Wireframing & High Fidelity mockups complete for Onboarding, Dashboard & Betting flow.

• Requirements & Epics for Sprint 1 integrated, prioritized and assigned in development tools.

• Initial code base, cloud security and Repositories complete.

• Backend work and wallet integration for Binance Smart Chain in testnet for ICO.

• Sprint planning for next 2 weeks with team (today)

• Website ready to launch this week.

• Onfido (KYC) integration kick off this week.

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