Weekly Tech Update - 27 September 2021

Get all the development updates of what was completed last week, and what is on the agenda for the week ahead.

December 20, 2021
September 27, 2021

📢 Tech Update

Big week ahead with Staking!

Watch out for a video shortly on Fantasy, we are about 80% Complete 🏆

Completed last week.

🚀Sprint 6 (week 2)

- Fantasy Betting API fully working - pre match odds incoming for Premier League

- Fantasy Code deployed to new repo

- Onboarding flow for Fantasy Points

- Wallet integration for BetU fantasy (Easy option to top up balance)

- Architecture & Backend protocols complete

- KYC & Admin Portal still in progress for BetU Live

- Design tweaks to both platforms

- Upgrades to Sender & Auth API’s for outgoing emails

📓In progress for this week (Sprint 7 Week 1)

- Continued work on Leaderboards & Dashboard designs

- My Bets (Your bets will show on dashboard for Fantasy)

- API’s for all emails from onboarding - payout + design + copy work

- UAT on some more modules by end of week

- Payout Logic for Fantasy, depedencies solved for Points = BetU payout

- Design Review with Team

- BetRadar ongoing for BetU Live

- Roadmap building/planning for next 3 months with team

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