Weekly Tech Update - 11 October 2021

December 20, 2021
October 11, 2021

📢 Tech Update

Fantasy will be released on the 21st of October as per the announcement. 10 days and counting.

👉 Prioritising this for the wider community is the right decision and makes it all inclusive as we received a lot of requests from so many regions. We are still meeting a deadline we set ourselves for our community to be able to place live bets for the Liverpool vs Man Utd game on the 24th Oct. Actually you’ll be able to place bets on Fantasy for all the games within that gameweek from 22-25 Oct.

👉 You will be able to join the Premier League, and have a true gamification experience competing against others and seeing where you land on the leaderboard each week to win crypto.

👉 We ended up putting a lot of extra resources into Fantasy that we didn’t initially intend on doing. So with any young startup you have the be agile enough to pivot, move quickly and seize the timing for product market fit. We believe Fantasy will be huge within the crypto gaming sphere.

🛠 Some Key Fantasy Features;

1. We built our own Node infrastructure for Full Swapping Infrastructure for Deposits & Withdrawals. ETH, BTC, BNB, USDT.

2. There will be extra money line options for; Correct Score, First Scorer etc along with Multi bet functionality.

3. We created a unique fantasy points system logic from scratch, along with beautifully designed leaderboards for Div 1 & 2.

4. We created so many new API’s from scratch in order to make your Dashboard show your active bets —-> then feed into leaderboard for every user.

5. We will add new sports within 30 days. NBA will be the first.

Esports will also be considered, along with other leagues.

Completed last week.

🚀Sprint 7 (week 2)

- Deployments to AWS (Staging & Production) Set Up

- Setting Up Authentication layers for new Deployments

- Wallet set up for Fantasy Users/Tokens

- KYC preperations for BetU Live

- Admin portal (seperate envoironment will be worked on this week)

- BetRadar Testing with management tools of multiple sports

- Design Review for Multi Bets

- Improve Logic for inbound odds

- Website maitenance & improve support

- Meeting with Paul on Fantasy/platform  Updates/timelines

📓In progress for this week (Sprint 8 Week 1)

- Deployments to AWS for Fantasy Staging, moving to Production end of week

- Full node infrastructure with swapping, deposits and withdrawals for Fantasy deployed this week

- Betradar integration fully complete, now moving to Production by end of week

- UAT on wallets & full flow end to end

- Admin database will be complete by end of week

- Design Review & Minor tweaks

- Reward Center

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