How to add BETU token to Trust Wallet

Step by step guide to adding BETU tokens to your Trust wallet app.

August 31, 2021
August 31, 2021

You need to add BETU as a custom token for it to be displayed in Trust Wallet.

Screen 1:
Open your trust wallet App and hit the menu icon top right of the screen. 

Screen 2:
Enter BETU into the search bar & then select ‘Add Custom Token’

Screen 3:
Network field: select 'Smart Chain'
Contract address field: 0x0df1b3f30865c5b324797f8db9d339514cac4e94

(Copy and paste the BETU token address as listed above)

The Name, Symbol & Decimals will fill automatically

Select 'Save'

Screen 4:
The BETU token is now added to your Trust wallet app.

Your BETU tokens will automatically appear when they arrive in your wallet.

You will notice your BETU receiving address is the same as your BNB Smart Chain receiving address.

We will try to have the logo updated as soon as possible, there are a few trading criteria we need to meet before that will happen.

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