Community vote on unsold BETU tokens.

The community voted on how unsold tokens should be allocated: 51% voted for burning, 37% for customer acquisition and 12% for staking.

September 9, 2021
September 9, 2021

The community voted for how to distribute the unsold tokens from the public sale has concluded.

1 BETU token purchased in the ICO equaled 1 vote:

51% voted for burn and permanently remove tokens from supply

37% voted for allocate tokens to customer acquisition

12% voted for allocate tokens to a staking pool

Unsold Tokens:

There were a total of 275,000,000 tokens allocated to the ICO.

99,091,600 tokens - sold.

16,925,454 tokens - bonuses and referrals.

10,000,000 tokens - PancakeSwap Liquidity (2,855,000 tokens to be added)

148,982,946 tokens remain to be burnt, used to acquire customers or for staking rewards:


76,188,464 BETU tokens will be burnt & permanently remove from supply

Customer Acquisition

55,013,221 BETU tokens will be allocated to acquire new customers


17,781,261 BETU tokens will be allocated to staking pools

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