BETU Monthly Update - August 2021

September 1, 2021
September 1, 2021


Held Pre Sale & Public Sale:

Funds raised: $1,856,832 USD

BETU Tokens sold: 99,091,600

Registrations: 1,871

Participants: 598

Unsold tokens will be allocated to staking, customer acquisition or burnt based on community vote.

Thank you to everyone who participated. We welcome you all on this journey as we set to take significant market share of the $23.5 billion wagered on esports and the $391 billion wagered on sports. You can expect better odds, bigger winnings and the best user experience.

To the people who did not want to participate due to KYC or were unable to due to country restrictions, you will be able to purchase from PancakeSwap on Friday 3 September.  

We made some mistakes:

• Running an ICO over the current trend of IDO, ILO or IEO ,that have no KYC requirements and open to the USA.

• Not having completed the contract audit prior to the ICO meant we were unable to list on some key marketing sites such as CoinMarketCap, ICO Drops etc.

• Over confidence, lack of marketing.

We learn, we get better and we move forward.

It’s all Positive:

• The good news is not selling out the public sale favors the ICO participants as BetU will now enter the market with a lower marketcap.

• When BETU is listed on PancakeSwap everyone worldwide can purchase tokens without completing KYC.

• Development is progressing extremely well and we will ramp up marketing activities.

• We have engaged new personal to assist with the PancakeSwap launch, including our lead crypto marketer: Anri who brings experience from BoxerInu, Babydoge, Ekta & Poodl.


• Commenced Curacao incorporation for BetU

• Commenced & paid for Curacao gaming license application.


• Signed an agreement with top 20 crypto company. No specifics will be provided until it is jointly announced.

• BetRadar integration is progressing and we analyzing different feeds and betting markets.


• ICO platform performed well with only minor maintenance required during the public sale.

• BetU Fantasy promo site completed - waiting on video for release.

• Completed Sprint 3 - Betting flows & initial BetRadar API integration.

• Completed Sprint 4 - Continued BetRadar integration, User Dashboard, BetU Fantasy wireframes.

• Commenced Sprint 5 - Testing & QA of bets. Leaderboard design for Betu Fantasy.

• Received successful smart contract audit from Hacken.

Smart contract officially released:

What the crypto experts are saying:

Crypto Pablo:

Satoshi Stacker:

Token Distribution:

All ICO participants will need to login to the ICO portal on Thursday 2nd of September to confirm their BETU receiving address and claim their tokens. Anyone who needs to change their address can do it on Thursday.

PancakeSwap Listing:

Friday 3rd of September - The BETU journey in the crypto markets officially begins.

0.5% of trading volume in the first 3 hours of trade will be donated to The National Council of Problem Gambling and GamCare.

Beware of Scams:

We are aware of many people impersonating BetU staff on Telegram, there is unfortunately nothing that can be done about it and it is very common in the crypto space.

PLEASE do not send any money to anyone claiming to be from BetU.

No one from BetU will ask you for money, tokens or private keys.

Community Engagement:

We encourage everyone in the BetU community to be as active as possible on our social networks as well as your own, the bigger the community the bigger the success of the BETU token.

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